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To date, your technique is the most effective in bringing me some relief. Mr Samson, Baie-Comeau, Canada.

I have started freeing myself and I already see an improvement. I am very grateful to you for this. Mrs Desnoyers, Beauport, Canada.

I thought that I would be different during my entire life when my doctor told me that there was no cure for colopathy. Thanks to your book I will certainly know myself better and therefore alleviate the attacks. Mr Le Bras, Landivisiau, France.

Thank you, this book allowed me to bear my last attack without losing hope. I have more power, I can relieve my pain. Mrs Matte, Outremont, Canada.

Your book was very helpful to me. After I underwent a gastroscopy and an endoscopy, I had cramps and lots of gas. I thought I would have to force myself to belch, but the belches came automatically. After two or three days I had no more gas. Thank you for daring to share with others something which may seem eccentric on the surface.  Mrs Boulanger, Longueuil, Canada.

This book has helped me to “become introspective” and find out the reasons for my ill-being. From now on I really learned to make friend with my body and no longer torture it, but quite the reverse, support it in health and serenity. Mrs Marion, Besançon, France

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