Dyspepsia and IBS for the Wise


I am not a doctor. I have been suffering from dyspepsia and from the irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) since my earliest days. I experimented with several approaches and tried to develop the ones that best applied to me, sometimes on the spur of the moment. My approach is meant to complement the medical one. The sensitivity and perseverance this approach requires are not obvious and are not taught. However, I can assure you that they allowed me to control my symptoms, even if they sometimes seemed to be sailing on an unpredictable, cruel and all-consuming sea.

The “Personal Approach” section describes in simple terms the symptoms I experienced, as well as some of the hypotheses I developed to understand and in order to relieve FDDs. This should help readers find their way and understand my approach. I then explain in detail the exercises for gas evacuation and for the release of nervous tension, and consequently, of pain. As this is a little known approach, as far as I know, I explain in detail the exercises and the various levels of improvement one can expect.

The “Literature Review” section is divided into six parts: the Rome Diagnostic Criteria, meant as an international recognition of the diagnosis, terminology and treatments related to functional digestive disorders (FDDs); the description and treatments recommended for the most common ailments (flatulence, reflux, constipation, diarrhoea, migraine, etc.); a few known causes of abdominal pain (food, allergies, diseases, etc.); some recent hypotheses (central nervous system, traumas, psychosomatic causes, depression); exercise suggestions from some authors; and, recommended means of alleviating some of the symptoms (homeopathy, herbal medicine, diet, food supplements).

I was introduced to the release of gases by my wife who, like me, is a long-time dyspepsia sufferer, without knowing it. It was during her pregnancy that she discovered the benefits of releasing gas from the stomach. The regular release of gas saved us from many sleepless nights and much discomfort. We have a twenty year old son who showed me, when he was still small and I was experimenting with the gas release exercises, that babies weren’t the only ones who needed to “burp.”

Some will tell you that there is no cure for FDDs. I dream that I will be cured someday, it is my challenge! Without being completely cured, with the help of regular exercises, I live my life as if I was, because at the earliest sign of pain or symptoms I do the exercises to help eliminate them. I hope my experience will enable as many of you as possible to get some relief from FDDs.

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It is possible to live a normal pain free life with functional digestive disorders (FDDs)