Dyspepsia and IBS for the Wise

It is possible to live a normal pain free life with functional digestive disorders.

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To date, your technique is the most effective in bringing me some relief.

Mr Samson, Baie Comeau, CA

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Is it possible to alleviate and prevent pain from to functional digestive disorders (FDDs) as reflux, dyspepsia and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) in natural ways? That’s what tries to answer the author who lives with these symptoms since his birth.

Before a literature review on how medicine and other natural techniques practitioners treat these symptoms, the author reveals his experience with FDDs and how he alleviate and prevent them, especially by internal natural exercises. He then details his techniques that could relieve pain not only from FDDs but also to related symptoms like migraine, insomnia, anxiety, back pain and even tinnitus.

Many who suffer IBS have visceral hypersensitivity. Getting rid of triggers, like gaz and spams, could alleviate pain and improve digestion. This book tries to show how. For the author, this book is one of the most complete dedicated to the art of treating naturally symptoms related to FDDs.